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This section is a repository of all ACTwatch and FPwatch reports and publications, as well as other communication materials, such as posters and presentations. The repository can be searched using the search fields to the right. All data and information contained in these materials can be used freely if appropriately cited.

  • FPwatch Final Results and Key Themes Presentation

    Presentations | DR Congo | India | Myanmar | Nigeria | Ethiopia | 2017

    These slides summarize key themes from the FPwatch 2015-2016 outlet surveys conducted in Ethiopia, Nigeria, DRC, India, and Myanmar.  FPwatch provides estimates for key family planning market indicators using nationally and sub-nationally representative, cross-sectional outlet surveys. Results were presented on May 23, 2017 at PSI Headquarters in Washington, D.C. by Kate Thanel, with an introduction by Michael Holscher, PSI Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy and Resources Officer.  Remarks were given by Marcie Cook, PSI Regional Director of Asia and Eastern Europe and by Scott Radloff, Director of PMA2020.

  • India 2016 FPwatch Reference Document

    Briefs | India | 2017

    This outlet report contains the findings from the 2016 FPwatch outlet survey conducted in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, India.

  • FPwatch RDC 2015 Présentation des résultats

    Presentations | DR Congo | 2017

    Ces données ont été présentées le 23 février 2017 pour le comité technique multisectoriel permanent (CTMP).

  • India FPwatch 2016 Outlet Survey Research Brief

    Survey reports | India | 2017

    This brief highlights important findings from the FPwatch 2016 India outlet survey in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

  • FPwatch Key Findings: Multi-Country Results

    Presentations | DR Congo | Nigeria | DR Congo | India | Myanmar | 2017

    On May 23rd, 2017, key themes from the FPwatch project were presented to various family planning stakeholders at PSI headquarters in Washington, D.C.

  • India: Bihar FPwatch Overview

    Briefs | India | 2017

    This document summarizes the implementation and key findings of the FPwatch 2016 outlet survey in Bihar, India.

  • FPwatch Product Brand Library

    Multi-country | DR Congo | India | Myanmar | Nigeria | Ethiopia | 2017

    This is a product library lists all brands found in the five FPwatch countries.  It includes product images, along with information on brand formulation, manufacturer, country of manufacture, global quality status, and country of identification.

  • FPwatch Supplement: Misoprostol

    Multi-country | DR Congo | India | Myanmar | Nigeria | Ethiopia | 2017

    This document gives an overview of misoprostol tablet availability, price, and volume across FPwatch study countries.

  • Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition: Parallel Session Presentation

    Presentations | DR Congo | Nigeria | 2017

    On October 13, FPwatch findings were presented at the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) Annual Meeting in Seattle. Results from Nigeria and the DRC were presented at a parallel session "Findings from the 2015 FPwatch Outlet Surveys: Assessing Family Planning Markets to Reach FP2020 Goals in Nigeria and the DRC" featuring Dr. Bryan Shaw representing PSI/FPwatch-DC, Dr. Godéfroid Mpanya representing Association de Santé Familiale (ASF)/PSI-DRC, Dr. Jennifer Anyanti representing Society for Family Health (SFH)/PSI-Nigeria, Dr. Arsène Binanga representing the DRC Family Planning Working Group and Dr. Kayode Afolabi Akintola representing the Nigerian Ministry of Health.

  • Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition: Plenary Session Presentation

    Multi-country | Ethiopia | 2017

    On October 13, FPwatch findings were presented at the Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition (RHSC) Annual Meeting in Seattle. Results from the Ethiopia data were presented at a plenary session "Data Holds Power–Focus on Ethiopia" with Dr. Ellen Starbird from USAID moderating the panel of members: Dr. Endale Workalemahu representing PSI-Ethiopia/FPwatch, Dr. Desalegn Zegeye representing the Ethiopian Ministry of Health, Dr. Paul Dowling representing John Snow International and Dr. Scott Radloff representing Johns Hopkins/PMA 2020.

  • FPwatch Supplement: Pregnancy Test Kits

    Multi-country | DR Congo | Nigeria | Ethiopia | 2017

    This document gives an overview of pregnancy test kit availability, price, and volume in Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Ethiopia.


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